Tired of being limited by your HPC resources?

Dedicated remote resources, shared remote resources, or private cloud, extreme factory offers secure solutions for all your HPC cloud needs. And you can benefit from Bull's expertise to optimize your usage of high performance computing.


extreme factory
An integrated on-demand, pay-as-you-go computer simulation offer

Totally developed, hosted and managed by Bull, extreme factory delivers total compatibility with all standard computing codes, total confidentiality for your data, and total access to the power of the very latest systems.

  • A wide variaty of applications supported
  • A powerful portal accessible on-line
  • Highly skilled services
  • An ideal combination of flexibility and security

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extreme factory computing studio
HPC and 3D visualization private cloud front-end

  • A unique entry point to your shared HPC resources
  • All functionalities required to efficiently manage compute and visualization jobs for one to hundreds of users
  • Ready to be integrated in any existing or new HPC environment
  • Can be customized for your specific needs

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extreme factory
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extreme factory
extreme factory